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5 Tricks to Transform a Blog into a Magnet of Business Leads

The most important thing to any entrepreneur is the business leads. Receiving genuine business leads implies that you are moving in the right direction. But, if the quantity of business leads is minimal, then certainly, somewhere you are lacking. Leads can be generated in a number of ways, even with a blog. Some organizations offer some kind of reward to their visitors and in exchange, the visitors exchange their varied information like contact number etc. through such information, the visitors can be targeted via ads on Facebook, Instagram and social media platforms. Just make sure that the reward should be something in which the audience is seriously interested.

Some of the rewards than can be beneficial are:

1. Newsletters

You can offer your newsletters to your audience for long-term value. You send thee newsletters via e-mail. But, it should be noted that signing up for the newsletter must not be messy. Do not ask for too much detail. Asking for just the email address would be more than enough for signing up.

2. Offers and Discounts

People generally get attracted by offers and discounts. Thus, if you offer massive discounts, then you can generate a number of leads for your business. According to some experienced SEO experts in India, e-commerce websites must offer huge discounts and free shipping facilities to their customers.

3. Access to Something Informative

You can offer access to something informative to your readers. Suppose your website is related to health and fitness, then provide them some information that they can apply in their daily life and remain healthy. Provide them ‘how to’ guides and other valuable resources. The access to such information must be free of cost.

4. Exciting Quiz

Offer your audience to try out some quiz or surveys that are interesting and provides them maximum knowledge and importance. Signing up for different surveys and quiz must be free and your audience must receive something valuable in exchange. .

5. Online Seminars

Hosting online seminars (free) is also a great idea to attract audience, win their trust and generate genuine leads. Choose any topic that is the most important to your target audience. So, in order to search for such a topic, it is necessary to research your target segment with utmost precision. The signing up must be easy and smooth.


In such a way, you can attract a number of genuine business leads and gain huge revenues. As per a global organic SEO company, there are other ways also, for attracting leads, like offering online catalogs, free trails and offering free informative educational guides. You can even combine one or two ways to get instant and maximum leads. Just make sure that the value you offer to your audience must be greater than what you are asking for.


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