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10 Important SEO Tips & Techniques

Every business nowadays is heading towards to hire SEO manager. If not the most advanced one, still your business needs basic SEO techniques in order to get decent rankings on the search engine.

But if you will go through various blogs and articles online then you will come to know that there is lots of uncertainty over what is considered as the ‘basics’ of SEO. While there is high-level consulting as well as highly experienced SEO professionals available, at the same time there is a lot of information available about SEO tactics and strategies.

This post will tell you about the top 10 SEO tips and techniques, which you need to follow so that you can practice at least the basic SEO for your business.

1. Do Create a Sitemap Page

It would be waste to create a website, which cannot be crawled or indexed by the search engines.  For this reason, it is of utmost importance to create a sitemap page for your site. With a site map, it is possible to present important information and pages of your website to the search engine spiders and make it easy for them to understand your website’s hierarchy.

Creating a site map becomes more important if your website holds a hard-to-crawl navigation menu. If your website is big, you need to make multiple site map pages. But make sure that each one of them is less than 100 links.

2. Create Unique and Valuable Content

No matter what industry you serve or who are your customers it is essential to create valuable and unique content under all state of affairs. This is more necessary if you are an online retailer. For example, if you are selling a product, which numerous other retailers are also selling then only unique and descriptive content can help you land a great opportunity.

In this case, it is best to write your own product descriptions, include keywords obtained through keyword research, and create product pages that can blow away your competition. Most importantly, great content is an excellent way to obtain inbound links.

3. Create Content and Website for Users First

Yahoo, Google, and more search engines have excellent powerful bots that influence the web, but they do this only to an extent. Such bots have not bought anything online, picked up a phone to call, or signed up for your newsletter about the services.

These things can be performed only by humans. Hence, you have to write page copy in a way that influences and impacts humans and not the online bots. It is great to include keywords in the text, but avoid practicing keyword stuffing. Make sure you keep the content readable.

4. Build High-Quality Links

It is best to create foundational links such as trusted directories like DMOZ and Yahoo. But this does not mean that you solely rely on these directories. You can also seek links from authority websites in your industry. If you are concerned about local search then you must seek links from a reputed site in your geographic area, such as local business directories, and more.

You must analyze the inbound links to your competitors to identify the links you can obtain. Create rich content on a regular basis and use social media to build links and awareness.

5. Take Benefit of Local Search Opportunities

Conducting online research for offline purchasing is an increasing trend. Hence, you have to optimize the website to gather local traffic by showing your local phone number and address prominently. Writing an explanatory location and directions page using landmarks and neighborhoods in the page text is the best way to go.

You must submit your website to free local listing services, which major search engines offer. Make sure you list your website in social or local directories like Yelp, CitySearch, and more. Also, encourage your clients to leave reviews and feedback of your business on such websites.

6. Use Social Media Marketing

Another important tip is to use social media marketing in the best possible way. Social media platforms are excellent to display the visual elements of your business. You can join your business relevant communities and post high-quality photos of your company there.

For a service-oriented business, it is best to use Yahoo Answers and Quora to showcase yourself as an expert in the industry. Any business can get benefit from Facebook and Twitter. Hence use them to promote your business as well as to enhance your business search engine rankings.

7. Create SEO-Friendly URLs

Using keywords in your file names and URLs is a great way to increase the chances of getting higher rankings. But don’t overdo it. A file with more hyphens may tend to appear spam and in this case, the users would not want to click on it.

Hence, use hyphens in URLs as well as file names, and not underscores. Hyphens are considered as ‘space’ but underscores are not.

8. Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

You can use free tools like WordTracker or Keyword Discovery to practice keyword research. Otherwise, there are numerous paid tools available, which you can use to practice keyword research. Make sure you consider the relative volume of one keyword to another in order to get the best keywords.

If you have no idea about it, then use the best keyword research tool – Google AdWords.

9. Create a PPC Account

Whether you use Microsoft adCenter, Google’s AdWords, or any other tool, it is a great choice to create a PPC account. This is an amazing way to get actual search volume for your desired keywords.

Though this will cost you a little more, it is worth it. Hence, if you have the investment, then do create a PPC account. Also, opening a PPC account can deliver you instant results and provide instant visibility to your website.

10. Begin with a Blog and Participate with Other Blogs as well

Search engines, like Google, are fond of blogs for highly-structured data and fresh content. Also, it offers the best way to join conversations which are already taking place about your company. Reading as well as commenting on other blogs can increase your business exposure and help you obtain new links.

It is, therefore, best to put your blog at your own domain so the main domain gets the benefit of links to your blog posts.

If you need some expert assistance and guidance then it is best that you contact only an expert. Also, if you want your business to receive the power of advanced SEO techniques then you must hire SEO manager having the desired skills, knowledge, and experience.

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