Are Backlinks Still Relevant? The Answer Would Surprise You


Backlinks have been a cornerstone of SEO for many years, but with the ever-evolving landscape of search engine algorithms, it’s natural to wonder if they’re still relevant in today’s digital world or not.

To clear your doubts, we’ve come up with this article where we’ll talk about whether backlinks are still relevant, and also we will discuss the factors that determine the relevancy of backlinks.

1. Are Backlinks Still Relevant?
2. Factors That Determine The Relevancy Of Backlinks

a)- Relevance Of The Linking Domain
b)- Authority Of The Linking Domain
c)- Anchor text
d)- Link Location
e)- Link type
f)- Freshness Of The Link
g)- Link Context

Google’s original PageRank algorithm was built on backlinks, so backlinks remain crucial to SEO performance.

Yes. They will always remain relevant to your business.

Although Google has made many algorithm changes, it still uses link signals as ranking factors.

As said by the influential link building experts, backlinks remain a valuable part of any SEO strategy.

All referring domains, all backlinks, all referring IPS, and all follow-backlinks are included in this calculation.

Now that you know backlinks are still relevant, let’s see what factors determine the relevancy of backlinks.

There are various factors on which the relevancy of backlinks depends.

According to the research, backlinks should always be considered quality over quantity.

They are better for SEO rankings and domain authority.

The relevancy of backlinks is determined by several factors, including:

a)- Relevance Of The Linking Domain

As per the proficient SEO link building solutions, backlinks from websites that are related to your industry or niche are more valuable than links from irrelevant sites.

For example: A link from a blog about gardening to a website selling gardening tools would be considered relevant.

b)- Authority Of The Linking Domain

The fruitful backlinks for SEO from high-authority websites carry more weight than links from low-authority sites.

Authority can be measured using metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

For example: A link from the New York Times, which has a high domain authority, would be considered more valuable than a link from a small personal blog.

c)- Anchor text

Anchor text that accurately describes the linked content is considered more relevant.

The anchor text used in a link can impact its relevance which makes it necessary to know why are backlinks important.

For example: A link with the anchor text “best gardening tools” to a website selling gardening tools would be considered more relevant than a link with the anchor text “click here.”

The location of a link on a page can impact its relevance.

Links in the main body of a page are considered more valuable than links in the footer or sidebar.

You must know why do you need backlink solutions to understand what backlinks can do for your business growth.

For example: A link in the main body of an article about gardening tips would be more valuable than a link in the footer of the website.

Not all links are created equal.

Do-follow links, which allow search engines to follow and index them, are more valuable than no-follow links, which do not pass any link juice.

For example: A do-follow link from a gardening blog to a website selling gardening tools would be more valuable than a no-follow link from the same blog.

Fresh links are considered more relevant than older links.

If you know how to choose backlinks company capable of delivering effective results, you’ll be able to get fresh links that indicate your up-to-date content and its relevance.

For example: A link from a blog post that was just published would be considered more valuable than a link from a blog post that was published several years ago.

Link context includes the content of the linking page, the location of the link on the page, the anchor text, and the quality and relevance of the linking website.

A backlink with relevant link context is considered more valuable and can help improve the search engine ranking of the linked page.

On the other hand, links with irrelevant or low-quality link context can negatively impact a website’s search engine ranking.

For example: You want to link to an article about gardening on your gardening blog.

Here, the link context is your gardening blog and the page where the link is placed.

You could include a link to the article about gardening tips.

Your readers and search engines will find this information useful, making it a strong link context.

By considering these factors, you can build a more relevant and valuable backlink profile, which can help improve your website’s search engine rankings.


It is impossible to overestimate the relevance of backlinks in SEO.

This is one of the best ways to not only improve your search rankings but also boost your conversions.

You can reap big benefits by determining the relevance of backlinks effectively.

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