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AdWords vs SEO

The question, ‘Adwords vs SEO – Which one is better?’ is a common thought that revolves around every online business owner. Before investing in digital marketing, it is pivotal go through both the concepts and decide accordingly.

diffences bettween adwords and seo

Here’s a complete description of all what you need to know –

Google AdWords

While you are searching on Google, you may get two types of results – promotional paid advertisements and the organic search results. The Google AdWords platform displays the ‘sponsored’ search results. When compared to the conventional advertising, the cost involved in this is considerably lower. However, there are a number of factors, which require second look.

Depending on your keyword selection, the Google AdWords will place the sponsored link before the search results. However, the sponsored links may be avoided, because of the concept that the internet is quite proficient in providing the ‘Free Services’. Further, while clicking on the pop-up windows and flashing advertisements is a bad idea; the Google AdWords is a genuine technique, through which commercial products and services can be effectively promoted via internet resources.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

SEO without AdWords is known as Organic SEO process and it relates to the top 10 ranking positions on the very first page of the major search engines. It involves a more ‘Human Managed’ SEO approach; rather than any kind of automated tools. Also, it relates to the analysis of the business genre within the target market. Just as the AdWords are effective, in the same way SEO is also effective. It’s just that the latter requires a bit more time to get the website on the top of search results.

Which One to Choose?

The main motto of every business is to gain maximum returns on investment. Therefore, choosing the right online search strategy is very important.

If you are looking for online visibility and traffic for a short time frame or wish to experiment with some specific keywords, AdWords is the perfect solution. Further, if you are an e-commerce company, AdWords may be great for you, as e-commerce companies deal with thousands of products and it is almost impossible to get the highest for all of them.


SEO is popularly known to be a game changer. If you perfectly implement SEO with the correct location and keywords, you will definitely see quality results. Generally, it is said to the best option for companies, which have been dealing with a particular product or service for very long period of time and desire to continue the same in the near future as well. Because of its affordable cost (in comparison to AdWords), it is highly preferred by most of the SMEs. Thus, they generally start with SEO. Additionally, SEO can provide you with higher credibility, reach and unlimited visitors.

Apart from choosing one of the two, you can also use a combination of AdWords and SEO. While SEO on hand, will help in the reduction of cost per sale or cost per lead, the AdWords on the other hand, will provide you with instant results and help you stay in the business race for a longer duration.

So, analyze your requirements and choose the one which can fulfill your needs.

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