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Digital Marketing

Let our Digital Marketing Company India help you find new ways to connect with customers via Digital Marketing Services that use creative and insight rich strategy to improve the local and global presence of an online business. The online market is very competitive and you have to make sure that your product/ service is visible to the customers. Therefore, we help you devise a creative online marketing strategy that creates engaging experiences among customers. Such experiences, in turn help in customer engagement and inspire them to take an action – join your social network community, purchase a product and promote word of mouth among peers and social networks.

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

We are a one stop solution for all of your online marketing needs. Therefore, we offer high quality services that include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Content Marketing

We believe that an engaging content can help in cross-channel engagement. Thus, we commit to provide you with an effective content marketing plan that includes high quality content creation & publishing. To accomplish this, our team develops a strategy and boosts the online presence through custom-written news, branded blogs, infographics, videos & case studies. Also, we make sure that the content is highly qualitative, so that it is ranked higher in the search engines, gets cached fast and drives inbound marketing and SEO.

We are expert in:


Cake PHP



b) SEO

We are backed by professional and experienced SEO experts, who put in all their efforts to boost your organic reach, global and local presence, business leads, website traffic and revenues. For this, we make use of advanced and effective digital strategies that reach out to the target audience at the perfect time and with a perfectly created brand message. Even if you have a low budget, we can help you achieve fine results for sure. Depending upon your target niche and business size, our team allocates the budget across multiple digital services.

We are expert in:

Developing Mobile optimized responsive website

Client applications with cross-device, cross-browser and cross-platform functionality

Interactive websites with easy & smooth navigation and user friendly interface

Gaming, HTML 5 Animations as well as custom interactivity

c) Paid Advertising

Your business can flourish faster, if you discover some paid opportunities, i.e. leverage paid advertising. We understand that this type of advertising requires you to invest money. Therefore, our team designs a focused advertising campaign that ensures maximum response within a specific period of time. The campaign is designed for both display and search media using a perfect blend of research & technology, conversion optimization tactics, data and real-time targeting. After the campaign is designed, it is put forth the right audience, so as to grab quality and quick returns on marketing investment.

d) Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the perfect place, where you’ll find your audience spending more time than anywhere else. You may find almost 95% of your target audience on Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms. Thus, we help you cater to this audience and build a full-fledged community of loyal customers, via effective social media marketing campaign.

Right from managing your social media profiles, to spreading awareness about your brand, generating word-of-mouth and increasing traffic, the campaigns executed by our team will help you achieve better results.

e) Conversion Rate Optimization

The online presence is of no use to you, if your website doesn’t have the potential to attract the potential customers. Hence, designing and running an effective CRO campaign is crucial for your business success. Our team follows tried & tested approach to boost the website performance along with the conversion rate. Further, depending upon your business requirements, we design 360 degree conversion solutions that help in escalating your return on investment and improving your web presence impact.

We are expert in:

Blackberry Mobile App Development

Mobile Specific Website Development

Android Mobile App Development

Windows Mobile App Development

Responsive Website Development

iOS Mobile App Development

f) Email Marketing

This is one of the top converting channels that no online business should ever ignore. Therefore, our email marketing specialists design and implement an effective campaign that drives conversions. There are multiples of traditional marketing techniques, but email marketing has come up as one of the most fruitful techniques that will certainly help your business flourish. The solutions offered by us aim towards engaging your audience, nurturing the genuine business leads and boosting conversions.

We are expert in:

Copy Creation

Email Template Designs

Email Acquisition (grow your mailing list)

◆ Email Tracking and Scheduling

g) PR Marketing

PR is an effective marketing technique that improves the online visibility of a brand, boosts sales, generates revenue and leads and also escalates the website traffic. Those, who have been relying on newspaper advertisements, television advertisements and others, must switch to PR, as it is much more result oriented and successful than these outdated marketing tactics. So, in today’s competitive landscape, PR is something that helps you market your brand. Our team has the technical know-how and talent to boost the online presence and get your business in the limelight.

We are expert in:

Writing and submitting engaging press releases

Build a successful public relations campaign

Submit articles to the top news outlets

h) E-commerce Solutions

A number of business owners and retailers are moving their business online. Thus, to beat the competition or grow business reach across multiple geographical markets, it is important to build a strong online presence. Keeping this in mind, our team develops an online storefront that actually transforms into results. We have an expert graphic design team on board that ensure that the storefronts provide a perfect user experience and very highly engaging.

We are expert in:

Landing page optimization

Search engine optimization

Designing storefront that increases your traffic

i) Google Analytics

We are supported by expert professionals who have immense knowledge in analyzing the factors that resulted into a lesser number of genuine leads. We also, suggest quality solutions on how one can improve them. Having worked for a number of industries, we provide result oriented ways to find opportunities for improving conversions, bringing relevant traffic and optimizing the tactics, so as to retain existing customers.

We are expert in:

Complex web applications

Complex informational sites

Social Networking Applications

Multi-functional web portals

Complex e-commerce

Membership/ Subscription sites

Community driven sites

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We follow ethical approach

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