Press Release Submission Services

To increase the public relationship Press Release Submission Services is considered as the optimum way that brings out the finest, updates, trendiest form of content at a very reasonable rate. Besides, it is considered as finest internet marketing tool that not only generate connection with audience but also helps you to rank higher among others. Today to create digital presence, majority of companies undertake press release to promote business effectively and build up a social relation. If you want to promote a new product and services then one can easily do this Press Release that help in generating prospects and spread words like a fire.

Press Release Submission Packages - Starter
Man Hours/MO* - 5 Hrs./Mo
PR Submission Plan - 1*5
Price - $20
Press Release Writing - 1
Total Submission - 5
PR Distribution Websites - No
PR Syndication on Social Media - No
PR Bookmarking - No
Time Duration - 3 days
Detailed Reports - Yes
Press Release Submission Packages - Standard
Man Hours/MO* - 10 Hrs./Mo
PR Submission Plan - 2*5
Price - $40
Press Release Writing - 2
Total Submission - 10
PR Distribution Websites - Yes
PR Syndication on Social Media - No
PR Bookmarking - Yes
Time Duration - 4 days
Detailed Reports - Yes
Press Release Submission Packages - Advanced
Man Hours/MO* - 15 Hrs./Mo
PR Submission Plan - 3*5
Price  $50
Press Release Writing - 3
Total Submission - 15
PR Distribution Websites - Yes
PR Syndication on Social Media - Yes
PR Bookmarking - Yes
Time Duration - 5 days
Detailed Reports - Yes
Press Release Submission Packages - Premium
Man Hours/MO* - 25 Hrs./Mo
PR Submission Plan - 4*5
Price - $70
Press Release Writing - 4
Total Submission - 20
PR Distribution Websites - Yes
PR Syndication on Social Media - Yes
PR Bookmarking - Yes
Time Duration - 6 days
Detailed Reports - Yes
Press Release Submission Packages - Platinum
Man Hours/MO* - 40 Hrs./Mo
PR Submission Plan - 5*5
Price - $90
Press Release Writing - 5
Total Submission - 25
PR Distribution Websites - Yes
PR Syndication on Social Media - Yes
PR Bookmarking - Yes
Time Duration - 7 days
Detailed Reports - Yes

Why do You Need Press Release For Your Business?

We are living in a world where information is available instantly on our finger tips. Today customers searches a lot on internet and press release is considered as an effective tool of communication that allows you to connect with users. On the different sight, a well written SEO press content will help you to rank higher and you get to seize the attention of many users instantly.

◆ It Is An Effective Marketing Tool: You easily get to promote your business brand products in front of thousands of users and seize their attention instantly to persuade them to buy.

◆ Provides Exposure To Your Business Website: There are millions of people worldwide that are interested in reading updated press release. All you need to do is come up with interesting topic as per your niche with accurate information in appealing manner. One can easily achieve this with us.

◆ Introduce Your Website Or Product To New Customers: You get a chance to put in front your business products in the eye of new customers. This generates the credibility and awareness of your business strengthening your presence.

◆ Increase in backlinks from other websites: You website will be linked to other popular websites or directories that help you to get more traffic flow right at your platform giving you a huge opportunity to sales.

◆ Enhances The Visibility On Search Engine: High quality backlinks always results into better search engine ranking where your business name will come right in the eyes of users. This creates a huge opportunities to get traffic and potential clients.

◆ Besides Its Affordable: Press release is considered as effectual as well as affordable as compare to any big marketing campaign.

Attribute of our services?

We work with customer centric and result oriented approach that always has provided our clients the unsurpassed outcome and helped them to reach at optimal heights. Our team understands the vision of the clients along with the business niche and provides content as per that theme that could be well submitted over various popular sites and directories. Here are some of the attributes that make our work exceptional piece of art as compare to others.

◆ Submitted To Best Press Release Directories: Though there are so many platforms to choose but each one cannot provide you the reliable kind of result. To ensure the long term stability, we submit the press release only to those directories that are well famed and provide one way links.

◆ Better ROI: This definitely impacts that organic traffic and search engine ranking making you to commence more sales and revenues. There’s a high rate of conversion and better return on investment that also ensures steadiness in long run.

◆ Work As Per Directory Guidelines: It is very important to respect the guidelines and terms of information bank. To achieve that your assignments is being handled by human experts that creates the content and submit by keeping the each terms carefully.

◆ Manual Submitting: To get the error less and hassle free task, the work is being assigned to experts that are proficient Search Engine Optimization Task and carefully select the category of your business to make sure that the press content is being submitted at right place.

◆ Creation Of New Account: At each directory sites new account is being created and the credential is being delivered to you after the completion of project at the end.

◆ Weekly Reports: We do not leave customer aside and make sure to deliver each work report on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This provides you a clear-cut sight through of each performed task by our experts.

◆ Professional Writers: At us, you get the assistance of professional writers that bring exceptional quality content with zero percent plagiarism and never been written before. Content written by experts involves SEO and deep information in interesting manner that appeals readers to read.

How Do We Work?

We are committed to provide you the quality backlinks through the effective placement of press release content over various indexing platforms as per your business category. Over the past few years we have worked with many startups and helped them in uplifting their brand visibility. Our mode of working involves series of tasks that are clearly listed below:

⌖ Writing By Keeping the Targeted Audience In Mind: We understand your business and your target market audience then we cater the content to get the best possible results.

⌖ Analyzing keywords: At this steps we finds out the most relevant keywords or key phrase that are most commonly used by users in search query and implement that on content to make it SEO friendly.

⌖ Generating Intuitive Title: Title plays an important role in grabbing the attention of customers just like the book grabs the attention of readers. We generate appealing title that tells thousands words.

⌖ Generating Summary: Effective summary is good to find out the content that is mentioned inside. A small gist can easily persuade people to read and engage and further motivates them to take actions.

⌖ We also include who, what, where, when and how: As per the study, these reports easily grabs the attention of readers and generate a sense of curiosity inside them.

⌖ Mentioning Contact Information: Your contact information will be mentioned at the bottom or anywhere on the content so that customers can directly contact you to avail your product and services.

⌖ Information About Company: Telling a general picture about your company mentioning the type, product you’re dealing in, services you provide and many more.

⌖ Putting Relevant Links: We insert the relevant links in a most appropriate way so that is doesn’t look hideous. We maintain the flow of communication and analyze the appropriate place where we can put link accurately.

Get your business noticed. At us, your get the finest SEO friendly press releases content that’ll easily portrait your business and generates tremendous amount of visibility. The work is being performed by high standard journalist that are specialized in bring your business to highest standard that bring a remarkable change in your business. Share your project details through mail or phone and our representative will soon get in touch with you.