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Manual Directory Submission Services

Among internet community Manual Directory Submission Services is considered as one of the oldest and effective form of link structuring strategy. It easily helps in generating thousands of customers for your business product and services with high conversion rate resulting into huge profits. There a high opportunity to enhance branding where you get to display array of business products right at front of customers.

Manual Directory Submission Services

To increase the public relationship Press Release Submission Services is considered as the optimum way that brings out the finest, updates, trendiest form of content at a very reasonable rate. Besides, it is considered as finest internet marketing tool that not only generate connection with audience but also helps you to rank higher among others. Today to create digital presence, majority of companies undertake press release to promote business effectively and build up a social relation. If you want to promote a new product and services then one can easily do this Press Release that help in generating prospects and spread words like a fire.

Directory Submission Packages – Starter
Man Hours/MO* – 5 Hrs./Mo
Directory Submission Plan –
Price – $20
Target Keywords – 5
Submission Time – 7 days
General Directory Submission – Yes
Niche Based Directory Submission – No
Unique Description – No
Unique Title – Yes
Detailed Reports – Yes
Directory Submission Packages – Standard
Man Hours/MO* – 10 Hrs./Mo
Directory Submission Plan – 200
Price – $40
Target Keywords – 7
Submission Time – 15 days
General Directory Submission – Yes
Niche Based Directory Submission – Yes
Unique Description – Yes
Unique Title – Yes
Detailed Reports – Yes
Directory Submission Packages – Advanced
Man Hours/MO* – 15 Hrs./Mo
Directory Submission Plan – 300
Price – $50
Target Keywords – 9
Submission Time – 30 days
General Directory Submission – Yes
Niche Based Directory Submission – Yes
Unique Description – Yes
Unique Title – Yes
Detailed Reports – Yes
Directory Submission Packages – Premium
Man Hours/MO* – 25 Hrs./Mo
Directory Submission Plan – 400
Price – $70
Target Keywords – 10
Submission Time – 30 days
General Directory Submission – Yes
Niche Based Directory Submission – Yes
Unique Description – Yes
Unique Title – Yes
Detailed Reports – Yes
Directory Submission Packages – Platinum
Man Hours/MO* – 40 Hrs./Mo
Directory Submission Plan – 500
Price – $90
Target Keywords – 10+
Submission Time – 30 days
General Directory Submission – Yes
Niche Based Directory Submission – Yes
Unique Description – Yes
Unique Title – Yes
Detailed Reports – Yes
Importance Of Listing On Right Directory
Creating a name for your business brand is considered as a difficult task especially when there are so many platforms to choose and don’t know how to capture that attention of lots of customers in a very affordable manner. Submitting qualitative articles in popular directory becomes very essential when you want to create brand value, create publicity, advertise in front of users, getting exposure and many more.

◆ Quicker Indexing: Your website will be crawled and index at faster rate giving you an immense search results visibility. It increases your chance to get more one way connection once you list your business name over online directory.

◆ Improve Link Popularity: By listing your business name on directory>, you have a good chance of getting high-class backlinks that’ll prioritize your website over search results. But you need to make sure that you choose relative category only then you’ll be able to seize the eye of online users.

◆ Better Rankings of Your Website: Almost every search engines prioritize one way link and through directory, you get to create so many 1 way links. Its serves as voting where huge links means huge voting and results into top search results.

◆ Quality Directory Traffic: Don’t underestimate the power of directory as it is being visited by millions of customers every day. There’s a huge potential to make high sales with huge conversion rate as most likely customers prefers buys out.

◆ Building Your Brand: Don’t think this as a tool to get better search engine ranking as with more and more platforms are coming up that provide address listing especially through app there’s a huge chance to showcase your brand among wide customers and generate prospective clients.

There’s a remarkable method to increase the visibility that not only helps in getting the quality traffic but also helps in heightening the credibility, sales and revenue.

After Payment Procedure:
It is our sincere request to please provide us necessary details mentioned below through mail for commencing task.

◆ Platform URL’s where you would like to submit link

◆ Title- Your Targeted Anchor Text

◆ A small description under 200 to 250 characters

◆ 4 to 5 Keywords is required

◆ Category – Main along with 2 to 3 optional category

◆ Your full name and a link of your social profile (if necessary)

◆ Address Details such as site location or country

◆ Your Email, it will be used as submission and project reporting

Our services are available to both newly launched website and older websites. At us, you get the assistance of skilled peoples that are experts in SEO and make sure that you get superior listing. If you have any query, do read the Frequently Asked Questions below that was inquired by people before they became our clients.

But Why Do it Manually?
The answer to above question is straightforward as we don’t want to risk your brand name. There are several companies that provide directory submission at affordable rate but most of them don’t take their work genuinely. One needs to be bit cautious while performing listing as even Google doesn’t promote futile methods of increase ranking. At us, you get the assistance of experts that manually searches for relevant directory by deep understanding your website theme. This is something one cannot achieve using automated submission tool.

⌖ We bring out the right mixture of quality and quantity: We first analyze all those listing platform that provides one way link and choose the most famous and appropriate one to list your business name. By performing at this manner, one doesn’t hinder the guidelines set up Google.

⌖ Get tremendous results: We make sure that each and every effort of us produces desire results with the right amount link counts at your website. Our technique ensures long term stability of your site making you look more worthy and trustable in the eye of customers and search engines.

⌖ Protect Form Unfavorable Situations: At us, you get the quality back links that that doesn’t ruin your existing ranking rather it improvises. You won’t be facing any kind of bad links, site banning, de-indexing, irrelevancy or any kind of unfavorable situation that would impact your existence.

⌖ Performing Under The Guidelines: Most of the directories have their own guidelines and restriction. Performing the task as per their prescribed standard requires absolute diligence which can only be done by manually placing.

We understand that faming the name of your business website is a bit difficult task as internet is flooded with so many. There a huge and intense competition that prevents other start-ups businesses to rise. By availing our services, you get to fight the online competitors as we help in catering ranking and online visibility for your entire business portfolio. Over the past few years we have worked with so many brands and helped them to rise immensely. Our team undertakes that is tried and tested and rightful of-course.

So if you are looking for a finest manual directory submission then waste no time and call us immediately through email and phone. Once you click the submission button our dedicated team will soon get in touch with you.


Q1- Do You Provide Search Engine Friendly Directory Submission?

Ans: Yes, At us you get the 100 % genuine SEO friendly directory submission. The strategy that we undertake is in compliance with updated Google algorithm that ensures that it is with respect to penguin, panda and hummingbird friendly.

Q2- Is There Any Requirement To Exchange Link With Third Party Websites?

Ans: Not at all, Each link that you get is the 1 way link which clearly means that there is no requirement to exchange links with any websites. Just to tell you that even Google hates link exchange as it strictly affects the site uniqueness.

Q3- How Much Time It Takes For A Complete Linking Building Process?

Ans: It actually depends on the package you choose and the project requirements. As per our experience, a complete link building efforts requires a minimum period of 3 to 6 months to gain the favorable results. For more information, do see the packages details.

Q4- Do You Undertake Manual Submission?

Ans: Yes, with each packages you get the assistance of experts that’ll completely help you in getting the precise quality backlinks as per the niche of your website. We offer 100 percent manual submission to directories.

Q5- Can I assure of getting good quality links?

Ans: Yes, We search and analyze directories as per your website thee and high DA that is well reputed on internet. Only then we proceed to submit link.

Q6- How much your directory submission cost as compare to others?

Ans: We try to keep the price as low as possible but at the end we do have to maintain the quality of service. Through our various packages you get to chose as per your requirement and as per your budget. Our plans is being designed keeping in mind requirements of individual or businesses.

Q7- Will I get ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’ links?

Ans: The result could be best obtained only with the do follow backlinks and that’s why we guarantee 100% do follow links being submitted that helps in redirecting the traffic right at your website.

Q8- Am I permitted to choose the keywords of my desire for the submissions?

Ans: Absolutely yes, if you have a certain keywords that you would like to rank on search and directories that we welcomes that with open gesture.

Q9- How should I proceed to avail services?

Ans: Getting started with us is pretty clear-cut where all you need to do is select the appropriate packages as per your need and budget. Just click the “Buy Now” button and follow the instruction. You’ll be preceded towards payment gateway and once ordering process is done, all you need to do is send us the website URL along with keywords so that our experts will soon get in touch with you.

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