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Article Submission Services

You seize the attention of maximum readers with Manual Article Submission Services putting in front one of the quality written material and distributing it at right place. There are several SEO strategies that to get traffic and out of so many Article submission is considered as one of the finest strategy that bring the organic traffic at consistent rate. It is reliable as it brings good ranking over search engine results and backlinks. When you submit the article to those platforms that are relevant to your business then you instantly get targeted audiences and your work is being appreciated even by more peoples. The benefit that you get is tremendous in terms of higher PR of the website and you get to create online presence of your brand website. At us, you get the manual submission of articles to those websites that has higher rank. Our procedure of working is absolute genuine that doesn’t provide duplicate content and make sure that each content could be ranked at top search engines.

Article Submission Packages

To increase the public relationship Press Release Submission Services is considered as the optimum way that brings out the finest, updates, trendiest form of content at a very reasonable rate. Besides, it is considered as finest internet marketing tool that not only generate connection with audience but also helps you to rank higher among others. Today to create digital presence, majority of companies undertake press release to promote business effectively and build up a social relation. If you want to promote a new product and services then one can easily do this Press Release that help in generating prospects and spread words like a fire.

Article Submission Packages – Starter
Man Hours/MO* – 5 Hrs./Mo
Article Submission Plan – 3
Price – $20
No.of. Articles – 3
Free Article Writing – 3
Manual Submission – Yes
No. of Words – 1200 words
Duration – 7 Days
Keywords Allowed – Yes
Article Sharing on Social Media – Yes
Article Bookmarking – 10
Client Approval Before Submission – Yes
Article Report – Yes
Article Submission Packages – Standard
Man Hours/MO* – 10 Hrs./Mo
Article Submission Plan – 6
Price – $40
No.of. Articles – 6
Free Article Writing – 6
Manual Submission – Yes
No. of Words – 2500 words
Duration – 10 Days
Keywords Allowed – Yes
Article Sharing on Social Media – Yes
Article Bookmarking – 20
Client Approval Before Submission – Yes
Article Report – Yes
Article Submission Packages – Advanced
Man Hours/MO* – 15 Hrs./Mo
Article Submission Plan – 9
Price – $60
No.of. Articles – 9
Free Article Writing – 9
Manual Submission – Yes
No. of Words – 3800 words
Duration – 15 Days
Keywords Allowed – Yes
Article Sharing on Social Media – Yes
Article Bookmarking – 30
Client Approval Before Submission – Yes
Article Report – Yes
Article Submission Packages – Premium
Man Hours/MO* – 25 Hrs./Mo
Article Submission Plan – 15
Price – $110
No.of. Articles – 15
Free Article Writing – 15
Manual Submission – Yes
No. of Words – 6000 words
Duration – 20 Days
Keywords Allowed – Yes
Article Sharing on Social Media – Yes
Article Bookmarking – 40
Client Approval Before Submission – Yes
Article Report – Yes
Article Submission Packages – Platinum
Man Hours/MO* – 40 Hrs./Mo
Article Submission Plan – 20
Price – $140
No.of. Articles – 20
Free Article Writing – 20
Manual Submission – Yes
No. of Words – 10000 words
Duration – 20+ Days
Keywords Allowed – Yes
Article Sharing on Social Media – Yes
Article Bookmarking – 60
Client Approval Before Submission – Yes
Article Report – Yes
Importance of Article Submission
Creating a name for your business brand is considered as a difficult task especially when there are so many platforms to choose and don’t know how to capture that attention of lots of customers in a very affordable manner. Submitting qualitative articles in popular directory becomes very essential when you want to create brand value, create publicity, advertise in front of users, getting exposure and many more.

◆ Oldest and trusted method of creating back links

◆ Provide enduring back links from popular website that has long run stability

◆ Increases organic traffic redirecting to your website from search as well as directory.

◆ Improves Page Rank over search engines

◆ Label your website as trusted and authority website

◆ It’s a results oriented approach that generated goodwill and customers base

◆ Linking your website on well famed platform provides you the lifetime link to your website

Our manual submission of linking provides zero error linking without any irrelevancy and blunder that assures the stability and enhanced visibility.

Read the Key Features of Our Article Submissions
At us, your project is being handled by professional experts that make sure that each quality written material is being submitted to information bank that has high standard and provides one way link. We create an interactive session with the readers by choosing the right platform with accurate category. Our key feature mentioned below is clearly the reason of why our work is being appreciated by clients overseas.

◆ The dedicated team works under the guidelines of Google penguin, Hummingbird and panda that make sure that your site doesn’t get blacklisted.

◆ Enhances the website visibility and improves the website search engine ranking.

◆ Our comprehensive way of working pay attention to everything i.e. from signing up new account on article sites and submitting articles to directories.

◆ We also provide article writing services where we bring out the exceptional quality of written content by professional writers. Hence, you don’t need to go elsewhere if you are need of great post or blog. Our writers are capable in bringing out the seo friendly content that interesting and could rank well.

◆ Articles provided by us are unique i.e. not posted elsewhere. We guarantee 100 percent plagiarism free content that passes all copyscapes examination.

◆ Before writing any content, we first study your website niche and fids out what’s trendy. With in-depth research we being out the subject content that readers will love to read and interesting.

◆ Prior to submission, the articles will be sending to you for your approval.

◆ There’s a complete 100 percent manual submission to make sure that we comply with the rules and regulation of each directory.

◆ Every Article is capable in bringing out the good ranking over search engines and good reputation making your brand look more credible.

◆ The website backlinks that you’ll get will be of related directory.

◆ We deal in one way links and also accept deep links.

◆ There’ll be a variation in description and titles with every hundred submission to avoid duplicity content issue.

◆ You’ll be getting the detail report on every article submission on daily, monthly or weekly basis putting in front of every performing task.

◆ Our package is being designed to meet the requirements of each and every personnel bring out the competitive packages that could suit you at a very reasonable price.

◆ Besides, we do not leave customers aside. Our customer care services will be available for you to bring out any changes or for any additional services such as pay per click, etc.

Should You Do Article Submission On Your Own?
Most of you might think that it is going to be an easy task as you only have to submit any post to any directory right? Well this is where most of the people get everything wrong and their tremendous efforts are nothing but a complete waste of time. One must understand that:

◆ It is a time consuming process

◆ You need to choose directory as per your niche otherwise its completely irrelevant

◆ It’s not necessary that you’ll get website link or click as every article directories look for standard first

◆ Unique content is must before you submit an Article

The best thing is to avail the help of experts that will provide you a hassle free article submission solution and where you get to focus on core functional area of business.Ready To Post Some Of The Greatly Written Content? So now you know whet are capable in delivering you, why not proceed to get the highest quality of backlinks through only one of its kind written content. One can easily share their project details through mail, phone or chat and our representative will soon get in touch with you.


1. Who’ll Provide The Articles For Submission?

If you have some written content that you would like to post then you can provide us or else our SEO writers will provide you the fin written articles that’ll be reviewed and approved by you only for any changes if required.

2. Can I Get Assured Of Plagiarism Free Articles?

Yes, every article that’ll be provided by us is 100 percent unique and plagiarism free. They are written with complete understanding and research of market and search trend.

3. Do You Undertake Article-Spinning Software To Generate Articles?

Absolutely Not, this type of practice is strictly against our ethics. Our team first research about your website brand and then comes up with trendy article that’ll be interesting and capable in generating high level of awareness.

4. Do I Require Registering In The Article Submission Web Sites?

No, you don’t have to register or sign up rather we will sign up for you. But we will provide you the log-in credentials once the work is being completed and submitted to you.

5. Is Your Price Competitive?

There are various packages that we provide as per your consideration and we price them reasonably. Jut in case if you have something different requirement then feel free to contact us as we also provide tailored packages.

6. At What Time Duration I Can Expect Result From Your Team?

It actually depends on the plan that you choose. As per our experience manual submission of articles, it can take at least 3 months to get the favorable results. Our process focuses on SEO friendly content and enduring turnaround time a.s.a.p.

7. Do you use of submission tools or software or any automatic process?

No, the better result can only be developed by human mind that understands and analyze the various concepts. Hence we are strictly against of any automatic tool or software that could create a sense of irrelevancy and jeopardize website performance.

8. Will I Be Getting The Report Of My Work?

You’ll be getting the detail report on each submission that we made with accurate position links so that you can clearly see the outstanding work that experts perform; helping you to reach higher. On the other hand, we’ll be providing you the login credential details and complete surrender of projects at the end.

9. How’s The Customer Care Support At Your Platform?

We ensure the customer assistance at every corner and don’t leave you unattended. Besides, our professional teams welcome your thoughts, queries, complaint and feedback and make sure to resolve it as soon as possible.

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