Ten Reasons Why You Should Invest In Open Source Web Development


There is a crowd almost everywhere. People are shouting for open source or CMS. Especially if you are web freak, then you must know the name CMS or open source, which is sometimes called content management system. This type of content management system like WordPress, Joomla etc. help you build a quick and beautiful customized websites that are ready to sale, use and buy, because most of the CMS or open source websites are available for buying and selling which is also called e-commerce websites.

The Popularity of Relying Open Source Technologies

Especially, small and medium sized organizations of all types that face hurdle to invest more in building website would be grateful to use open source. So, hundreds of thousands of web development companies are investing in web development and asking their clients to invest in using open source. A reliable study found that more than 75 percent of websites and blogs built by small and medium sized organizations or all types have used WordPress, 15 percent have used Joomla and Magento, which are also known as reliable open source technologies. The percentage showed that WP and Joomla has better market share compared to other open sources available in the present market and also shown the popularity and dependability of using open source.

Open Source Is Powerful, User-Friendly and Reliable

Many people open source technologies as the platform of web development or tool for web development. Particularly the bloggers who do blog on a regular basis choose WordPress as a reliable, powerful and user-friendly open source platform. Why you should invest in open source in building your next website, or want to revamp your existing websites from general HTML website to a customized open source platform? The answer is simple. Open source, like WordPress and Joomla are more user-friendly and one does not need to understand the know-how of coding. If you are from a non-coding background, you can also use open source made websites without the help of a developer.

Open Source Web Development Is a Buzzword

Would be believe open source technologies used for web development is a buzzword? If your answer is ‘yes’ then we can say you are partially right, but not right from all aspects. People who do not even understand the use of WordPress or Joomla shout for open source, open source and open source. Even a majority of people are there who really do not know the ABC of open source, but still asks for open source as a tool or technology of custom web development. Some bloggers blog on a regular basis and they know how open source works and some do not know, because they like blogging and on their behalf their developers do web development part.

Advantages of Using Open Source for Web Development

There are more or less advantages of open source software development and that is obvious because you probably know that software development or web development is not the same thing. In this post we have tried to analyze as well as depict the advantages in logical manner. Generally any open source like WP or Joomla is motivated by peer reviews. Therefore, it has full proof approval tendency from the bright as well as motivated developers. Let us discuss the advantages of using open source for web development.

● As the name denotes open source, you might understand it is an open source and available for anyone, better to say everyone.

● Open source software of open source technologies are user friend and search engine friendly at the same time.

● Open source or CMS technologies are used worldwide to make quick and functional small, medium and large websites.

● Open source technologies are free and you do not need to invest a single penny to buy one. You just need to have a domain name and hosting with a theme that you like to customize.

● These types of open sources are available for customize ready features. You can install free plug in and fit into your blog or website for use.

If you are freak of SEO then it is your choice, better to say it should be your choice. You can use open source WordPress or Joomla to building your website and also if you run a company, you can ask your clients to buy or take open source for web development.

Reason to Invest in Open Source Web Development

You might do not know why open source web development is good and beneficial. You even do not know why you should ask your clients for taking the advantages of open source web development. Open source development not only good but also profitable, due to the reason every day hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs are building using open source.

● Open source is stable enough rather than other technologies.

● When you think about audit ability, open source can be your first and foremost choice for sure.

● It is free software, so you have complete ownership of use and share to others, whenever and which you like.

● You will have out and out flexibility and freedom of using open source technologies.

● Open source technologies are good to build websites and blogs that are related to blogging and ecommerce websites.

● It is good for open cart development, due to the reason it is used by millions of people and companies all around the world.

● When you think about support and accountability, then open source can be your choice.

Last, but certainly not the least: If you know about open source technology or the technologies that have been used without any investment, because we have already discussed that it is user friendly as well as search engine friendly. This type of CMS not only helps your business grow easily and build online presence but also helpful in many way that we have described here and also given the reasons to invest in open source web development.

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