Adwords and organic traffic are two separate digital marketing strategies working separately to achieve one goal. Both Adwords and organic campaign utilize search results and leverage search terms to gain visibility in SERP, gain traffic and increase conversion to a website.

However, unlike the organic campaign, Adwords (PPC) is a paid online advertising which gives websites instant but short-term visibility on search engine results page. When you cannot devote our time to SEO, PPC can be an alternative technique to gain visibility.

Can Adwords Help In Organic Results?

The truth is; Adwords or PPC has no direct impact on your website’s organic search result. Contrary to what some marketers believe, spending a lot on Google Adwords will not give websites a boost.

There is certainly an apparent gap between PPC and organic search results as they are two sides of one coin.

However, that doesn’t mean that Adwords could support organic search results. In some cases, PPC can help you improve your organic search result rankings.

Let’s take a look at the three ways Adwords or PPC can positively affect organic results.

Increase Likelihood Of Clicks In SERP

When a searcher sees an ad in SERP, it acts as some sort of brand awareness. Since Adwords are placed in a noticeable position, searchers tend to give unintended attention to paid listings.

Even if they don’t click on your listing, your website or business becomes familiar in their eyes. Then, if they see your paid listing and organic listing frequently, they may likely to click on your organic listing even if you already have paused your ads.

How is this so?

Seeing a website in both paid and organic listing builds search bias. This means that PPC can provide support to your organic listing by giving searchers a sense of familiarity which eventually can build confidence on clicking on the organic listing.

This is why most companies run a PPC campaign bidding on the same search terms which they use in the organic campaign. Rather than making these two marketing approaches independent, you can have them as support for one another.

Gain Aggregate Value For Organic Listings

Organic search success is achieved by performing well in different aspects of marketing. Whether tactics are free or paid, collectively it can provide some improvement in organic search results.

This is why your PPC or Adwords listing can be a good aggregate to your organic techniques. As you all know, a paid link clicks may lead to more things positive for your site.

For example, if a website visitor from a paid ad like what he sees and experience in your website, it may likely to lead to another action such as sharing your content on social media, leaving a review or mentioning your site. This will eventually lead to more traffic from other sources and more engagement. In the process, PPC indirectly boosts your organic rankings.

Likewise, if you already are marketing well, let say you have good placement in ads, ranking well in SERP, have a good online presence on social media and present in reviews and citation, all of these combined together can eventually boost your organic search performance.

This means that PPC could also be a good tie-breaker. If your competitors are at the same level as you are in other aspects of digital marketing, you can leverage PPC listings to gain a competitive advantage.

Paid Exposure Improves Organic Listing’s Conversion Rate

Higher engagement and click-through rate can eventually lead to a higher ranking.

If you have a start-up brand which most people have not yet heard of, it may take a while before you can be visible on top pages of organic search results.

But Adwords could give you instant exposure. This instant exposure could fuel your organic listing’s conversion rate.

Your PPC exposure could help you gain clicks. Not all of these clicks can generate engagement and increase conversion but they can useful afterward. PPC prior to organic search results can capture the attention of searchers and make them comfortable with your brand.


Searchers clicked on ads because they are already interested in the offers but they abandoned the site because they are not yet convinced.

However, even if your ads are unsuccessful in leading the searchers down the marketing funnel, once they see your website on the organic search results, you can regain their interests. They become more inclined to click on your link, engage on your business and eventually, you can convert them into clients or customers.

Summing Up

This should be common knowledge in the industry. While PPC does not directly affect organic results, one way or another, the way searchers respond to PPC listings can give your organic results a positive impact.

As digital marketing leverage both channels to provide business growth, you need to know how to maximize the use of these channels to achieve your goals.

If you can leverage Adwords or PPC to improve your organic search results, then it should be worth every penny you spend.

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