11 Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy to Maximizing Your Reach and Engagement


Does your Instagram marketing strategy work? When your answer to this question is “no” and you are in the ecommerce space, you should do some soul searching.

It would be an understatement to say that Instagram is booming with business.

The platform is used by 60% of users to discover products, according to Instagram itself.

Because of this, retailers as well as e-commerce brands are using Instagram as an extension of their existing websites.

The popularity of Instagram as an ecommerce hub shows no signs of slowing down either.

As proof, just look at Instagram’s new ad types and features like checkout.

And this makes it important to take full-advantage of this platform.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with 11 Instagram marketing strategies to maximize your reach and engagement.

11 Winning Instagram Marketing Strategies
1. Instagram Profile Optimization
2. Consider Your Audience
3. Follow Your Brand’s Style
4. Authenticity Is Key
5. Make Captions Interesting
6. Promote A Contest Or Promotion
7. Invest In Influencers
8. Shoppable Posts
9. Providing Free Knowledge
10. Publish More Than Once A Day
11. Optimize Instagram Marketing Performance

Let’s get started.

11 Winning Instagram Marketing Strategies

Strategies you must consider:

1. Instagram Profile Optimization

First thing you should focus on is creating an Instagram profile and account which with the assistance of fruitful instagram marketing solutions which requires a few steps:

● Make your username and full name your business name. Make sure your business name is recognizable.

● As a profile picture, use your logo. Crop it into a circle.

● Your bio should explain how you help people. Make the clickable URL clickable with a CTA.

● Link to a product or landing page you’re promoting.

● Get more insights with a business account.

For instance, optimizing your profile involves creating a catchy bio, using relevant hashtags in your posts, and engaging with your followers.

2. Consider Your Audience

You’ve likely defined your audience if your brand has already established itself.

With knowledgeable social media marketers, taking a closer look at your audience’s relationship with Instagram marketing, you should think about:

● What communities do they belong to?

● What kinds of content do they like?

● What’s their favorite hashtag?

Finding your audience can be tricky.

Be aware of users who tag you, watch your Stories, who follow you, or comment on your content.

You can also check out who’s engaging with a competitor’s profile.

For instance, if your company targets younger generations, it may be beneficial to engage on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, while if you’re targeting an older demographic, LinkedIn might be the best choice.

3. Follow Your Brand’s Style

Take help of SMO solutions for Instagram, a visual platform for making it consistent.

It will increase brand recognition and show your audience what to expect.

Using presets or filters can help you achieve a consistent look across your content.

In the editing stage, you can adapt the photograph to your brand.

Balance your profile by placing images in relation to each other.

In between busier posts, post simple, minimalist ones.

There is more to branding than just visuals.

You should also use on-brand captions in your images.

It’s important to choose wisely which accounts to follow and engage with if you want to build a successful brand.

For instance, if your brand’s style is modern and contemporary, use language and visuals that reflect that style in your content.

4. Authenticity Is Key

Take benefits of social media by humanizing your brand through authentic content, connecting with your audience, and demonstrating your company’s reliability with authenticity.

Find out what it’s like to work with a customer who’s had a great experience.

Authentic content works particularly well on Instagram Stories.

Focus on users that may have tagged you in an Instagram post or sent you an email expressing their love for a product.

Get in touch with them to learn more and tell them your brand story.

For instance, when creating content for social media, you can reflect your own thoughts, opinions, and ideas instead of copying and pasting from other sources.

5. Make Captions Interesting

Captions help in the successful growth in social media.

In a caption, users see the first three lines before clicking “more…”.

Make important information stand out.

Instagram is still a storytelling platform, so long captions are okay.

Add a CTA to each caption.

Fill-in-the-blank, ask a question, or offer feedback.

Add a geotag if you’re somewhere noteworthy.

Under your username, they appear at the top.

Mix basic and niche hashtags per post.

Find related hashtags by searching for a word or phrase.

For instance, instead of simply writing “Cat playing with a toy,” try adding a bit more detail such as “This mischievous kitty is having the time of its life batting around its favorite toy mouse!”

6. Promote A Contest Or Promotion

Follow social media traits to promote contests.

Your customers love contests because they have prizes, but you benefit even more.

Your branded hashtag must be included in the post for users to enter.

Other types of promotions include discounts, buy-one-get-one deals, etc.

Instructions for claiming the offer should be provided.

You can change the URL of your bio based on the promotion.

For instance, you could create a contest on social media where you ask people to share a picture of them using your product and the winner will receive a free item.

7. Invest In Influencers

Reach social media influencers as a broader audience is reached through influencer marketing.

Influencers create and post content.

They can follow guidelines so that the post is on-brand for you and not off-brand for them.

The influencer can also manage your Instagram marketing.

Their own accounts will promote the takeover.

Micro-influencers are great for minimal budgets.

You can leverage their small, highly engaged followings to grow your business.

No matter how you approach influencer marketing, be upfront about paid relationships or posts.

For instance, companies can take advantage of influencer marketing to gain visibility and reach more potential customers.

8. Shoppable Posts

Utilize social media marketing strategies for shoppable posts.

A clickable link cannot be added to regular Instagram posts.

Shoppable posts are the solution for brands selling products.

Adding your products to a post allows users to learn more and purchase.

Get creative when creating product posts.

You have to make your content interesting and eye-catching to stand out on Instagram.

Discover where your audience uses your products – portable items like books and travel gear end up.

For instance, a fashion brand might post a picture of a model wearing a specific outfit, with each piece of the outfit tagged as shoppable, allowing customers to purchase the items directly from the post.

9. Providing Free Knowledge

Discover social media marketing tips to share your expert-level knowledge as your content without any hesitation with your audience.

You can make tutorials as they are popular and are utilized to let people learn something great.

Instead of directing users to another app or website, include and convey all the information through your tutorials.

For instance, It is possible for fashion brands to show how to style a piece of clothing.

The main feature of SaaS can be demonstrated by SaaS companies.

To reproduce favorite meals at home, restaurants can share recipes.

10. Publish More Than Once A Day

Many Instagram users check the app once a day, while others use it more frequently.

Even if you post once a day, you’ll never catch everyone’s attention due to different time zones.

Think to hire dedicated SMO Experts to take care of your feeds and stories.

Keeping your social presence up-to-date, and feeds clean without irritating your audience is what they do.

For instance, you could post on social media in the morning, write a blog post in the afternoon, and share a video in the evening to reach more of your target audience.

11. Optimize Instagram Marketing Performance

Depending on your particular goals, you will determine which Instagram metrics are most important to you.

In any case, engagement and followers are important, and you want to see those numbers increase steadily.

Performance can be tracked with the help of stories.

Each story has a count of how many people have viewed it.

Check the last-viewed story to determine where you went wrong if half of your viewers dropped off midway.

For instance, you can use Instagram Insights to identify the type of content that resonates best with your audience, or use A/B testing to determine the best time to post content.


A relevant caption and eye-catching imagery are essentials when posting to Instagram.

Posting regularly and frequently requires resources, such as creative thinking, photo gear, the time to set up shots, and people who can post and write descriptions.

It’s impossible to create a marketing plan for Instagram that fits all brands.

Make sure your feed is cohesive and on-brand, while experimenting with different types of content until you find what works.

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