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What is SEO? How It Can Improve Your Sales And Business Value?

SEO Can Improve Your Sales And Business Value

Might be you already know what is SEO and why your business needs SEO? But do you know how it truly works in reality. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the site rank on result pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In business aspects, it helps in gaining both the quantity and quality of consumer traffic to a site through unpaid search engine results for increased sales and revenue. Improved position on search engine result pages is important regardless of your business nature. It lets potential customers reach you for online service and brick-and-mortar building.


Businesses often compete with 3 different entities for gaining improved market share –

(1) compete with small businesses within a local market,
(2) compete with big companies to expand business reach globally,
(3) compete in the online world. Small business SEO is the only way that helps in gaining a strong edge over competitors.

Eye-Opening SEO Statistics For Businesses

About 90% of traffic generates from search engines.

57% of B2B marketers said that SEO helps in producing more leads than other marketing techniques.

61% of marketers declare improving search engine ranking as their key goal.

More than 64% of people use a search engine to influence I-want-to-buy situations such as shopping, restaurants, grocery, etc.

50% of people search for discounts, offers, and promotions on the search result pages.

1 out of 3 searches made online before visiting a store.

About 80% increase has been noticed in best mobile searches over the last two years.

More than 35% of clicks are gained on business listings with a site.

Google Click-Through Rates By Position On Result Pages

CTR is the total percentage of people clicking on results appearing on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Ranking on the search result pages have a great impact on the clicks you will get and how many of those hits will convert into your potential buyers or users.

CTR can be calculated as: –

(Numbers of clicks) / (Numbers of impressions) x 10

In the table given below, you’ll find out how the scale of CTR changes in accordance with the position of a site on SERPs.

Position CTR Percentage
1 20.5%
2 13.32%
3 13.14%
4 8.98%
5 9.21%
6 6.73%
7 7.61%
8 6.92%
9 5.52%
10 7.95%

How SEO Can Help Business To Grow?

One of the biggest advantages of using SEO tactics is of creating a positive impact on the buying cycle of customers. What you are offering to your consumers act as a game changer for businesses regardless of size and nature. Many brands understand the importance of SEO for business growth to the next level. But what other benefits and the real value it can offer? Here’s your answer.

1. Generate Targeted Traffic & Convert Them Into Customers

According to reports, top organic listings receive about 90% of the clicks and has been reported to go much higher in recent years. By appearing on the top positions of the first page, you can convey your message or business information to the large mass of targeted audience and convert them into a potential customer. Higher you rank, better leads you’ll generate.

2. Cost-Effective Advertisement

It is the biggest misconception that SEO is expensive. Even it is a cost-effective marketing channel that requires a small investment, which eventually returns in the form of increased sales, more conversion rate, and enhanced ROI. In comparison to traditional advertising methods such as banners, catalogues, flyers, etc, SEO costs less and provides satisfactory long-term results at a much faster pace.

3. Outrun Competitors

This is a golden opportunity for you to take customers from your rival’s reach by getting on SERP first and becoming the point of attention for all online users. If your competitors are not doing it, you can prevent them from beating you in a competitive world.

4. Reach New Markets

With SEO, it is possible to penetrate several new markets in different locations, no matter where you are running your business. For example, You are a Delhi-based traveling company that is providing packages for Andaman tours. You can expand your business reach globally through travel SEO that promotes your business in wider markets.

5. Better ROI

SEO is the most productive marketing method to gain high returns for long-terms. More than 50% of online traffic on a website is achieved through clicks on a site in organic search results. In fact, about 33% of clicks can be obtained by winning the #1 position for a specific keyword. Hence, you can understand that it is truly worth an investment and waiting for maximum ROI. As per the survey, 40% of SEO campaigns obtain a long-term ROI of more than 500%.

6. Build Trust

Since people trust Google for everything, gaining a position on the first page of search engines will also make you reliable too. For the conversion from no one or anyone to the best one, you need to show your brand credibility and reliability. This is where SEO helps you.

So, It’s Time To Outsource The SEO Requirements…..

SEO is a big concept with endless sub-topics and techniques. So, it is highly important to gather detailed knowledge possible. It is essential to remain well-informed about every update made in the field of Search Engine Optimization. This is because search engines come up with several new updates in their algorithms and techniques. Google changes its algorithms for about 500-600 times in one year.


The entire game of ranking will get changed if you neglect these updates and do not obey the search engine’s guidelines and policies. Even any mistake can result in a penalty by Google in terms of reduced ranking, spamming, and more. Thus, it is essential to hire an SEO company that has a specialized team of SEO experts with many years of experience and thorough expertise of this industry.


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