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6 Ways to Improve Google Ranking for Small Businesses

Now-a-days, most of the companies are struggling to rank their website higher on Google and other search engines. It is a known fact that in order to generate huge traffic to your site, the SEO is just like a boon to the companies, but to deploy the correct tactics for SEO requires a huge amount of investment. Hence, what to do if you are limited to a certain budget? Does that mean that you can never improve your Google Ranking? Well, this just a myth; in spite of being a small-scale firm or having a restricted budget, you can still boost your online presence and drive leads and visits to your website.

This is how the marketers can encourage quality traffic towards their website:

1. An Engaging Copy of Content

Don’t just write a copy for reading purpose; rather make it interesting and engaging. Google automatically provides more weightage to those contents that seems to acquire huge engagement from the readers.

2. Call to Action

Call to Action is a sure-shot method of driving traffic to your website. It is the most recognized method to remind the visitors to check out your social profiles, boost e-mail signups and click trough rates.

3. Optimization for Semantic Search

Optimize your content for semantic search. This will help Google to understand the contextual meaning of your content and accordingly will rank your content when any one will search for it.

4. Mobile Friendly/Mobile Optimization

More than 60% of the online traffic hails from mobile devices, thus, it is an urgent need for the small businesses to optimize for tablets and other smartphones. You are certainly missing out huge opportunities for traffic, if you still have not optimized for mobile devices.

5. Schema Markup

Nearly 2/3 of the entire search results include sites with schema markup. But only, 0.3% of the entire sites have implemented it. Schema markup assists Google in determining the who, what, when and how of your webs content.

6. Location

Last but not the least; include a specific location for Google+. People, now-a-days; invest much of their time in locating businesses at specific locations. Hence, registering your business with Google+ will help your firm get located in standards search and maps.


Research the market, employ SEO techniques and you’ll definitely see the drastic improvement in your company’s sales, website ranking and traffic.

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