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4 Advanced SEO Tips to Quickly Generate Links, Shares, and Traffic

According to the market share, nearly 72% of website traffic is originated from Google. Hence, to set a top spot in the search engine results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very crucial.

In this age of digitization, everyone is struggling to get their business online.

However, just going online is not enough unless you grab the attention of your targeted audience.

With the constantly changing search engine algorithms, it becomes extremely important for marketers to keep up with the changing trends. To help you in this journey, we are sharing here 4 Advanced Tips to quickly generate links, shares, and traffic to your website and take your business to the next level.

Keep reading and grow your business with these effective SEO Tips.

1. Write a Killer Blog Post and RankBrain-Friendly Content

Quality matters than Quantity. Instead of focusing on writing more and more blog posts, emphasize on writing high-quality and error-free blogs to attracts visitors to your website and generate more traffic.

Writing a catchy headline is of no use if you can’t keep visitors on your page. You have just 2-3 seconds to turn your visitors into customers. If you write a compelling introduction, there are high chances that the users will read that and hence it will lower the bounce rate on your website.

Here are some tricks for writing a perfect blog introduction.

Write a short introduction with no more than 7-8 sentences.
Also, make sentences short; usually limit 15-20 words in a sentence.
Generate curiosity among readers, so they are compelled to read your entire post.
Include a call to action to hook them in the post.

Check the example of a killer blog introduction in this image.

To improve search engine rankings, Google uses RankBrain algorithm. RankBrain breaks your query into words and fetches more relevant results.

So, to get more traffic and shares, write RankBrain-friendly content. Use medium and long-tail keywords to get better click-through-rates.

Also, improve bounce rate and dwell time of your website by writing catchy blog introduction.

2. Use social share triggers in your blog post

– To get your content more shares and reach out to a large number of audience to drive website traffic, include share triggers in your content.

– You might be thinking what are these share triggers, right?

– Share triggers are the elements that you can include in your content to get your post shared by others to generate high-quality social interactions and backlinks.

– These are the indicators of the popularity of your post on search engines.

– Here are the top 3 share triggers to boost shares of your blog post.

Write Long form content

• This is one of the most important share triggers that you simply can’t miss. As per the study, the longer posts are likely to get shared more than the shorter posts.

• People like more detailed articles and they are likely to get attracted to the longer posts. One important thing to remember while using share trigger in your post is, use this share trigger only if your content offers high-quality content and provides value to the readers.

Make your content easy for reading – Important Share Trigger

When you write any content, try to write it for the one who doesn’t know anything about it. Use simple words and don’t use sluggish language. Make it easy to read by everyone.

How to do that?

• Use plenty of headings: It helps in breaking the text and makes your content structured.

• Use lists: Writing your content using bullet points and listing makes it easy to read and understand by everyone.

Get influencers involved

Including influencers in your content greatly affects the number of shares of your article. Even your blog post shared by only one influencer can increase it sharing by 31%.

• How to reach influencers and get them to involve in your content?
• Before reaching out to them, spend some time sharing and commenting on their posts.
• If your post is shared by the influencer, then readers will surely share your post too.

3. Research Competitor’s Keywords to Drive Traffic

Imagine that you know from where your competitors are driving more traffic to their website.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, they are not going to tell you their secrets. You need to find it out and fortunately, there are various tools to help you with this.

One such tool is SimilarWeb.

It’s a great tool which not only shows an overview of website traffic but also tells you about where the websites are getting traffic from.

Another tool to research your competitor’s keyword is SEMRush.

Using this tool, you can research your competitor’s keywords and know what are they ranking for. Write content on that and generate quality links to boost its visibility and search engine rankings.

You can also drive the website’s traffic using Forums.

Forums are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Once you become an active member of any marketing forum, you can drive visitors to your website by answering questions and writing some original content.

4. Optimize your Content to get Maximum Shareability

– Most of the content on the internet today is not worth sharing. And without quality backlinks, your content is not going to rank on Google.

– To generate high-quality links and drive more traffic on your website, the design of your content is very important.

– How your content is organized is very crucial for your website’s SEO.

Here are some SEO tips to optimize your content.

1.  Use Numbers

Using numbers in your headlines is likely to generate more clicks on your website.

2. Write Short And Descriptive urls

Short URLs attracts more clicks. A study by Microsoft found that the descriptive URLs get 15% more clicks than others.

3. Use Share Buttons on The Top

The blog posts with share buttons in the top are likely to seen by more people than the ones down the page.

4.  Use Infographics

Infographics generate more social shares than other posts.

5. Use Short Sentences

Adding long sentences in the blog introduction will bore your users and they are likely to bounce back from your page.

So, add short sentences like Brain Dean uses in his blogs.

6. Add Images

Add Alt Tag of an image. Use images in your content to make it more informative.

7. Ask People to Share your Post

Asking people to share your post on various social media platforms increases the shareability of your content and drives more traffic.

8. Decide a Specific Time to Post on Social Media

According to a study by CoSchedule, there are different times for various social media platforms to share content and chances of getting your content go viral.

For Facebook: 9am, 1pm, 3pm
For Instagram: 2pm, 9pm, 2am
For Pinterest: 9am, 5pm, 2am

Use all these factors to optimize your content and share it on various social media platforms.

These 4 Advanced SEO tips will surely generate high links and shares to your website and drive more traffic.

Now it’s up to you.

Which of these SEO tips you will for your website first?

Will you use share triggers in your content first or will write a killer blog introduction for your blog post.

Either way, these are the best SEO tips to make your content go viral. So, don’t miss out any.

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