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seo faq to know


Q.1. What is SEO?

Answer –

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique through which a website is optimized and gets a higher ranking in the search results. The quality and quantity of traffic also improves through this. Hence, it is a very important factor for very online business. To know more, Click Here

Q.2. What is SMO?

Answer –

SMO is the abbreviation of Social Media Optimization. It relates to digital marketing on various social media platforms. Using this, one can improve the online brand visibility and also boost the traffic on the website. To know more, Click Here

Q.3. Why Does My Website Does Not Appear In The Organic Search Results?

Answer –

There can be a number of reasons for this. However, some of the major reasons are:

  • Your website is not indexed by search engines
  • It is not submitted properly
  • The website is not SEO friendly or SEO optimized
  • The content on the website isn’t optimized
  • Your website might be black listed
  • Some scripts in the website might be restricting the search engines from website indexing

Q.4. If I Optimize The Website, Will It Rank On Google?

Answer –

Yes ofcourse. If your website is optimized, it may rank on different search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Q.5. What Should I Do If My Website Is Visible Only For Specific Keywords And My Company Name?

Answer –

This is a common problem found with most of the online business owners. Their site ranks for their company name and some specific keywords. But, when competitive key-phrases are used, the website does not rank at all. In such cases, it is always advised to target less competitive keywords. You can also optimize your site, in order to leave the competition behind.

Q.6. How Long Will It Take For My Website to Rank among the Top 10 Positions?

Answer –

To appear in the top search engine ranks, we may require minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months’ time. It basically depends on the competitiveness of the keywords. The more they are competitive, the more time they will require to get higher ranking.

Q.7. Can You Guarantee that my Website Would Always Rank At the Top, Once It Is Optimized?

Answer –

No one can guarantee SEO, as it is a dynamic process. We put all our efforts to make sure that website ranks at the top. However, you cannot expect that it would be at the top all the time. Any genuine SEO company would never guarantee or claim such things.

Q.8. How Many Leads Or Enquiries Can I Expect, Once My Site Is Optimized?

Answer –

The number of enquires or leads for your business depends upon what type of business, industry, or product you deal with. We can only let you know the % of improvement from the past figures.

Q.9. After The Completion Of The Project, Do I Still Need To Continue With Your Services?

Answer –

It is purely your decision. Till date, most of the clients have contacted us again for their projects. Further, if you continue with our services, it will help you improve your SERP's and not let the competitors to outperform you.

Q.10. I Am Afraid If Your Seo Effort Will Ban My Website in the Search Engines.

Answer –

You need to think stuffs like this. To be very clear, any website gets banned because it may have used some unethical SEO practices or might have abused the search engine algorithms. Our team follows a quality SEO process that aims at boosting your site’s performance and strictly obeys the algorithms of search engines. Our experts will never let your website get banned or black listed.

Q.11. I Have Found Many Companies Offering Results In 24 To 48 Hours. Do You Commit The Same?

Answer –

In most of such cases, the company might be offering PPC services, instead of SEO. They sell it in the name of SEO. Your website would be placed among the sponsored results in search engines. On the other hand, in SEO, the ranking requires a reasonable time to get at the top positions. It is only on the highly indexed websites, such as the News related Websites, which can achieve results in 24 to 48 hours’ time frame.

Q.12. I Want To Know More About Seo. What to Do?

Answer –

You can check our SEO study guide for any query regarding search engine optimization. Or else, you can simply talk to our experts at or +919212342763 or 0120-4257803.

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