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Social Bookmarking Services

Today majority of companies as well as individual bloggers undertakes help of Social Bookmarking Services that serves as an effective promotion tool of website. It provides the immense visibility to your business product and services. But one has to choose right platform as per the niche of their website. it could be blog sites, content centric sites, forums, etc where there’s a chance of better visibility and your website gets noticed. At us, you get the quality bookmarking where we make your brand get noticed in front of your targeted audiences. We submit links with optimized content and relevant keywords that easily helps in increasing traffic of the website and improves that ranking element of search engines. The reason that why companies seek professional help, like us, is because of the reason that there are so many social sites and managing each and every one is a bit difficult task. We provide the hassle free solution by carefully choosing the best platform as per your website niche.

Social Bookmarking Packages

Social Bookmarking Packages – Starter
Man Hours/MO* – 5 Hrs./Mo
Social Bookmarkings Plans – 50
Price – $30
No. of Unique Title – 5
No. of Unique Keywords/Tags – 3+
Manual Submission – Yes
Email & Phone Support – Yes
Duration – 5 Days
Organic Submission – Yes
Acitivity Report – Yes
Social Bookmarking Packages – Standard
Man Hours/MO* – 10 Hrs./Mo
Social Bookmarking Plan – 100
Price – $50
No. of Unique Title – 10
No. of Unique Keywords/Tags – 5+
Manual Submission – Yes
Email & Phone Support – Yes
Duration – 5 Days
Organic Submission – Yes
Acitivity Report – Yes
Social Bookmarking Packages – Advanced
Man Hours/MO* – 15 Hrs./Mo
Social Bookmarking Plan – 150
Price – $70
No. of Unique Title – 15
No. of Unique Keywords/Tags – 7+
Manual Submission – Yes
Email & Phone Support – Yes
Duration – 7 Days
Organic Submission – Yes
Acitivity Report – Yes
Social Bookmarking Packages – Premium
Man Hours/MO* – 20 Hrs./Mo
Social Bookmarking Plan – 250
Price – $90
No. of Unique Title – 25
No. of Unique Keywords/Tags – 10+
Manual Submission – Yes
Email & Phone Support – Yes
Duration – 10 Days
Organic Submission – Yes
Acitivity Report – Yes
Social Bookmarking Packages – Platinum
Man Hours/MO* – 25 Hrs./Mo
Social Bookmarking Plan – 400
Price – $150
No. of Unique Title – 40
No. of Unique Keywords/Tags – 10+
Manual Submission – Yes
Email & Phone Support – Yes
Duration – 12 Days
Organic Submission – Yes
Acitivity Report – Yes
How Social Bookmarking Benefits Your Website?
It is a purely content based platform where people comes and see each other web content. One can also call them as an information bank where to get to see series of content as per the category. The users love these kinds of platform because of its resourceful nature because of this; it is the most excellent tool of marketing where you easily get to put post in front of thousands of readers.

◆ Easy One Way Links: The best thing about this is that it is the best way to create one way link in short period of time.

◆ Create A Network: You get to be the part of network where somebody like your URL and further share it with friends and this stream onwards. You get to connected with thousands of people that’ll be interested in your brand.

◆ Immense Increase In Visibility: Since the bookmarks are visible to everyone who visits the social bookmarking websites, it creates more visibility to your website and aids in creating a brand for yourself.


◆ Boost in Traffic: There a high boost in the traffic flow at your website. one must share the link with effective keywords and categories.

◆ Consistency: The platform is being designed to the people, for the people and by the people. What makes it unique that there is no paid or sponsor link.

◆ Improve in SERP: There’s an increase in number of incoming links that further impacts the search engine ranking.

◆ Rise in Link Popularity: Social bookmarking websites let users search for websites with the help of a keywords, the links of your website becomes more visible and get more clicks.



After Payment procedure:

After making a payment, please do provide the mentioned details through email.

Title of the post, article, press release and many more
◆ Description in not more that 2-3 lines
◆ Website URL’s – post and page URL (Inner pages are allowed)
◆ 4 to 5 tags that defines your keywords
◆ Category of the post with 2-3 alternatives
◆ Your full name to be submitted
◆ Email address- where report on daily, month or weekly basis will be submitted

As soon as you provide us the above mentioned details, we will commence the project to bring out some amazing changes in your business. But do make sure that the each detail you provide is accurate. Thank you for choosing us once again. 

Why You Should Choose Us?
At us, you get the assistance of expert team that are specialized in handling kind of web pages, articles, images, blog posts and videos. We submit your content in a best possible manner that helps in getting the quality backlinks and traffic from various submission sites.

⌖ We Carry out Manual Submissions: We do not believe in any kind of automated means rather we believe that best results can only be obtained by human mind. That’s why we carry out the manual submission of each link.

⌖ We save Time and Energy: With us, you get to put link on every popular bookmarking site categorized as per your niche. Besides, you get to focus on the core business and let the experts handle the enhancing the popularity.

⌖ We Submit On SEO Friendly Website: To bring out the best possible result, we submit only to those platforms that are indexed by search engine so that your business rank could be improved.

⌖ Appropriate Content: it is vary essential to come up with unique content to bookmark if you don’t have it then our professional writers will definitely help you to create content that is unique with appropriate keywords, tags and description.

⌖ We Only Submit To High Page Rank Websites: It is very important to maintain the relevancy of your website and that’s why we only select platform as per your niche and that has high DA & PA. Majority of social bookmarking site page rank where we submit link lies somewhere between PR2 to PR9.

⌖ Permanent Links: Through us, you get the permanent link with hundred percent approval rate ensuring you the long term traffic stability.

⌖ Separate Account: We create and maintain the separate account for each social bookmarking. The credential will be delivered right after the completion of projects.

⌖ All in one services: At us, you get the all in one digital marketing solution under one roof that means you don’t have to go anywhere else. One can easily get the instant results through Pay Per Click, SMO, Web Optimization and many.

⌖ Customer care services: We do not leave our clients aside rather we believe welcoming their suggestion, feedback and queries on the table so that we can improvise. And if you need additional changes alongside then one can easily avail this.

It is a dream of many entrepreneurs to get the maximum visibility and through us, you get to outrank the others and behold the credibility of your organization. So if you are looking for finest methods that could help you to generate best quality bookmark then you are at the right corner. Simply contact us though mail or phone and our representative will soon get in touch to recommend you the best packages at reasonable rate. Feel free if you gave any question prior to purchasing.

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